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Graphite Powder Bulk

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Graphite Powder Bulk
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Graphite Powder is also called graphite electrode crush. It is made by using low-sulfur calcined petroleum coke as a raw material, adding pitch after crushing, and undergoing various processes such as high-temperature calcination and graphitization. Application areas: mostly used as carbon-increasing additives, conductive materials, High-end electronic products and automotive power batteries, which can be processed according to customer requirements, and are also widely used in metallurgy and chemical industries

Graphite Powder Bulk

graphite powder bulk

1. High temperature resistance and high strength: Because of its good performance, it is used to make graphite crucibles in the metallurgical industry. Graphite powder is often used as a protective reagent for steel ingots in the steelmaking industry.

2. Stability: The chemical stability of graphite powder is very good. The processed graphite has corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. It is used in coolers, filters, combustion towers and other equipment

3. Strong conductivity: Although it can't be compared with metal materials, compared with other ordinary materials, the conductivity is relatively good, which is nearly a hundred times that of non-metals.

4. It has good thermal conductivity: unlike other metals, the thermal conductivity of other metals changes with the increase of temperature, and it can be in an insulating state at extremely high temperatures.

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